Tabling /ˈteɪ bəl ɪŋ/:

In "Tabling" we designate a Core Four group of actors, performers and other theatrically minded individuals, one of whom acts as the 'director' for the entirety of the play. Each play will consist of an Introduction episode, and we then continue with one episode per act. In the introduction, we discuss the play as a whole, and the director has the opportunity to present the lens with which they want to focus the discussions. For each act, we do a cold read - which is available here on the website - before beginning the discussion, which is "Tabling."

"Tabling" comes from the Industry term "Table Work," which is the work done prior to the actors getting up on their feet in the rehearsal space. Table Work is a very precious time in the overall rehearsal process for the entire company - not just for the actors - to collaborate, understand, and dive into the concept of the whole production. In and around the time of the Table Work, this is when the design of the show is presented, including the set, costumes sketches, themes the director and designer want to highlight, character development, and many more elements that go into putting together a show. It is, quite simply, the creating of the universe with which the story and its characters exist. Once the this work is complete (or the company has a good idea of how to move forward), then next phase of rehearsals and preparation begins. 

An incredible amount of hard work goes into every production to tell a story to you, our dear audience. "Tabling" is a glimpse into that process and our world of the Performing Arts.